Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Productive Day

Before dosing off to sleep, I often think about the day, about what I've done, about whether it was a productive day. Last night was no exception, and I think I had a pretty busy & productive day. For some reasons the day goes by fairly quickly when you staying at home! In the morning, I take the kids to school, 3 different destinations at 3 different times. Once I've done that, I check & answer all emails. Then come the time to check for newly posted positions (yeah, I have to look for job, the money is running out pretty fast!). I had my resume on CareerBuilder, Monster, USAJobs, many different companies as well as government agencies, so applying for available positions is basically login & clicks. Some of the applications require short answers or essays, but comparing to finding jobs in Sunday papers, the online method is much better.

Oh well, I need to run now, taking the last kid to school.