Friday, July 18, 2008

Media file server

I am thinking of building a new file server, which serves as a storage for all of our media files. A file server to keep our video, image and music files. It has to be reliable, so I am thinking of using RAID-5, and expandable storage space so we can add more as we need more space. It has to be fast enough to serve up to 5 concurrent sessions, which means ~500Mbps. So, here is a first cut requirements:
  • Motherboard which can handle ~2.4GHz CPU (~$75, or use an used motherboard)
  • Memory 2GB (~$60)
  • A case which can handle up to 12 SATA drives (will use the optical juke box case in the garage)
  • Software RAID-5, perhaps Linux Fedora/Ubuntu (free)
  • Two Ethernet interfaces (already have)
  • Starting out with 4 SATA drives, 500GB each, 2TB total. (~$300)
  • Running MediaTomb, Samba, and a Web server.
  • DVD burner, to burn archive DVD
I need to come up with a name for this server, probably hit Bảo & Thuỵ tonight, they seem to know ton of names. An appropriate name would be of a character which has vast knowledge, large memory, or infinite data.

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