Friday, October 31, 2008


I like to photograph objects, small objects. Object which shows details. It can be an ordinary object that people may ignore or may not pay much attention. But to me, it's an object which someone had created with great care. Because someone had care enough to put that much of details into it, and I take on the mission to elevate it to my eyes' level. I would photograph it with natural light, just the way it appears to the world. To me, even if it's small in size, but it's deserved to be noticed, to be recognized just as much as other much bigger objects. Since the one who created them, they put just as much love & care into making that little thing; and the quality shows if we look closely. Click on the photo and I hope you will see what I mean.

This photographed object is a wedding favor, which belongs to Quang Huy & Thanh Tâm wedding, two weeks ago in Lancaster, PA.

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