Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cold day

It's cold & raining today. That just make me want to stay home, curl up in bed, read a good book or watch a mindless movie. You know, the movie which you can take 5min break and still able to figure out what's going on; the kind of movies which does not requires viewer to think or pay close attention. When I have something to do, a book to read or need to think, I like to put that kind of movies on, and then do what I need to do. Over the time, I learn that I become more productive, and less stress. The movie acts like a background soothing environment for me, setting the backdrop for me to think. After an intense thinking session, all I have to do is glance over to the screen, that eases my mind, allowing me to get back to thinking or continue reading.

Got to work today, and my colleague's email caught my attention. It's a link to a web page, which shows pictures of frozen soap bubbles. Kind of neat. If it's cold this Friday or weekend, I will definitely try with my kids.

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