Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A snow day

It must be the third day of this Winter which snows. It beautiful to wake up & see the powder white snow slowly falling from the sky. Well, only if you can stay inside, sit near a fireplace & read a good book. For me, I had to wake up the kid, prep him & take him to school. The driving was not bad, the high temperature kept the snow from sticking on street surface, which is good.

Got to talked to a head hunter about a programming contracting job, and then a potential interview with Daon. Daon is a company doing biometric solution for many customers & agencies, so ... quite interesting. Looking forward to an interview. This afternoon, I also have an interview with CACI, will see how that pans out.

Overall, this is a good week, with two interviews and few more in the pipe line. If one of those can land me a job, then I would not feel so edgy & worry. I know, I should not feel worry, should keep my focus & positive thinking, but it's just hard to do when both of us are out of job. Each day goes by, is another severance day gone.

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